Interesting Insight into Viruses

My friend Neil Dougan has some very interesting insight and knowledge into ‘Getting Sick’ Viruses and disease, check out his blog at the link below. Being a mother it is part of my  mission to truly understand every part of […]

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Storme Gig 19th April 2015

Hello one and all I am playing this Sunday coming April 19th from 1pm to 4pm at the Swanbrook Winery Come along and have some lunch and a beverage and listen to some lovely tunes if you feel the inspiration to:) […]

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Music. Sound & Frequencies to heal our world

  Musicians and all interested folk, by simply tuning our instruments a little bit higher or lower we can create more than just enjoyable music….read on taken from  Cymatics “………….When starting these first tunings, the main frequency that I […]

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Our thoughts and our words change molecules and beyond! I have been practicing being…in a state of being paying focus to my vibration and resonance which is a great challenge. Whenever i feel anxious or have too many thoughts going through my head , i stop and begin […]

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Parkerville Bushfire Recovery Event

Just a note to say thankyou to the lovely people who participated in this community event. Thanks to all of the musicians ‘The Chidlow All Stars Band!!! and my good friend Brett Hardwick for creating beautiful music with me. It […]

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tuning our music 444htz or 432htz?

Upon doing some more research i have become slightly confused with the two differing suggestions of tunings. 444htz or 432htz? It appears that the tuning most in alignment with our energetic bodies and the whole panet is 432htz. However i […]

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Live Performance. Sat, 20th Dec 6pm

Mundaring Wellness Centre Xmas Fair 2014

I will be performing some Christmas Carols for one and all around 6.30pm and then jamming with the Chidlow All Stars at 8pm.
Would Love to See you There.

Sat 20th Dec, 6.30pm-10pm
Lake Lechenaultia, Rosedale Rd, Chidlow, Perth WA

Carols Flash Mob Mundaring

Hello all local Perth People We are meeting to sing some christmas carols at Mundaring Coles, 1045am, Sat the 20th of Dec. We are going to sing ‘The First Noel’ Silent Night’ We wish you a merry christmas’ ‘Angels we […]

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