Gigs and Whats Been Happening


i have been very busy over the last 6months. Today i performed with the People Who Care Choir at the Bell Tower in Perth, WA, they sang beautifully, but unfortunately we got rained off. Early this year i moved house and i have settle further into the Perth Hills. I have my studio up and running for Sound Therapy Sessions and Vocal Coaching. I hope to be running some community Sound Therapy Group Sessions very soon!

I am also very excited to announce i am writing a book…..and yes its about me….ha ha ha, but a most interesting read so far. I ┬áhave been documenting all of my self development work relating to past incidents and my healing journey and so on.

wishing you all the best until next time….oh if you are ever looking for a wonderful place to sit down and relax and listen to some great music i do frequent the Chidlow Tavern Jam night each Wednesday from 7pm. come and along and join in xxx


here is a pic of the most beautiful sunflower growing in my vege patch!




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