Global Abundance Project

Storme Reeves Co Founder
I have had a very interesting and eventful life with a connecting chord of working with music, sound and the community. I accepted two music scholarships during my early education studying opera and classical music, recorded four albums and completed further training in therapy work. I now practice as a qualified Sound Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Counsellor, Music Teacher and Musical Director for two community choirs.
It is along my journey of self development, research and sound therapy practice i had an ever growing awareness of the need for coherence and collaboration within myself and connection to the community to assist them to become coherent, collaborative and to work together with the intention of mutual aid and kindness for one another.
I was watching a Gregg Braden documentary called ‘missing links’ and he was discussing scientific evidence that we as a race are not meant to operate through competition and survival of the fittest however through working together with a initiative of mutual aid. This was very clear to me to be a strong truth and is the only way we will survive and flourish on this earth through relationships of collaboration and connection. It was then that i began to think about how we could set up a type of organisation and community structures that would allow for these concepts of coherence, connection and collaboration to be practiced and integrated into the community with the goal of providing relationships and interactions based on mutual aid.
I was talking with my friend and colleague Neil and we had recognised a common spark within each other to promote change and invest our energies into projects for the common good of the local and global communities. I had already been doing a huge amount of therapy and self development with Neil as well. As i was discussing my thoughts on creating a community organisation to serve the community with Neili this is where the Global Abundance Project was born.
Our vision is to create a ‘togetherment’ where people can come and stay for short periods of time or long periods of time where they can participate in a coherent and connected community to run the the centre and to have access to continuous therapy opportunities to help them on their journey so they can re enter the larger community after their recovery process. This centre will produce its own fresh produce and provide regular therapeutic classes.

Neil Dougan Co Founder
I have had a wide range of work experience with everything from Construction, being a business owner, finance, education, engineering and laterly alternative health work. I’m a Bodytalk, and Xi-Gong practitioner, and a hypnotherapist who also does a lot of regression and counselling work with my clients.
I have been working with a group of people on the topic of creating togetherments (a term which I coined) which has a structure to assist people to learn how to connect, communicate, cooperate, and collaborate. The need for that sprang from my clinical work where I observed that a wide section of our local and global communities has few skills, and even less capability to achieve these ends in any kind of coherent, and as Marshal Rosenberg described it, non-violent way.
The Togetherment concept through my collaborative efforts with a range of colleagues is finding expression in Greece, Germany, Austria already and in Australia initiatives are also planned. Here in Australia a physical togetherment of 12 residential rooms is planned to complement the planned Center for Vibrational Medicine.
I had shared this initiative with Storme as have been developing it over the past couple of years and it was a logical step to immediately support and join as Co-Founder the GAP project.
The GAP project as a not for profit umbrella has a wonderful opportunity to support the grassroots initiative spirit of the founders and early adopters. My early experience has been of the need to build coherence within the team, and to allow the entity that GAP is to come to life and be truly nourished.
We are currently sourcing any interest from anyone who would like to participate and collaborate with us to create a ‘Togetherment’ in the Perth Hills. This will be a healing and therapeutic facility where people can come and stay for a short or long period of time as a place to recover, connect and participate in therapeutic groups and classes. We are sourcing land to build the facility, funding, practitioners and any other contributions we will need to see this project to completion and up and running. You may contact myself or Neil at to share your interest or donations towards this project.