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Article:001 Regression and the Patterns of Suffering Storme Reeves
Published 17.10.17

Over this last period in conjunction with my studies surrounding grief and
loss i have been identifying many aspects, levels and layers of the blueprint i
have received from my mother and the generations before her.
Through my daily interactions with my environment i receive the information
and stimulus to reflect back on my own reactions and responses to discover
exactly ‘what is my contribution to this interaction and what patterns, beliefs,
limitations am i using as my context?

Blueprints. During my self work and discovery i have come to understand
what it means for me the concept of a blueprint in respect to things that are
passed onto you from your parents and the generations before them.
In my reading and experience i have seen first hand the concept of
epigenetics as discussed by Bruce Lipton in his book the Biology of Belief.
A week or two ago i found myself experiencing feelings of loss and sadness.
There have been some stressors in general in my life at present but this
appeared to have come on by itself. I was able to identify it by being mindful of
my mood and feelings and also by my responses to my environment.
It is my experience that if i am involved in a pattern which has its roots
based back in the years of conditioning approx 0-7 years my environment will
display and play out like a movie to reflect exactly those old beliefs and
patterns as if to provide proof that these are true and correct, and in my
context without an expanded awareness, intelligence , and an understanding
of the nature of things if that was all i knew then it would be to me true and
The feelings i had been experiencing were around loss, sadness, being
bullied, self pity, despondency, dejection, self doubt of my capabilities and a
sense of a lack of data to be able to manage and proceed forward.This last
piece of information “ a sense of a lack of data to be able to manage and
proceed forward”. was a direct clue that the part of me i needed to explore and
to address was indeed a young part or a young child aspect of myself.
I am 41 years old and i do indeed have the capabilities to manage and move
forward through conflict so technically the data for these skills exists within
myself but not for the child aspect which is the one that has been the creator
and pioneer of these old beliefs and patterns. If we look into the realm of
quantum physics we discover that there is in fact no linear constructs such as
time and everything is happening all at once. I have discovered with this in
mind that you may have some parts of yourself for example lets say the child
aspects that are in a state of disrepair in one area of development and at the
same time you have some other parts the older or adult parts that have
developed skills in this area of development. You will be able to move
forward in a positive direction to a point at which stage depending on the mass
of development or suffering from the parts that are in disrepair become a
critical mass and they can reach a tipping point and either lead to a place of
repair and healing or move in the direction of more suffering. This is all
dependent on our day to day choices around mindfulness, self care,
development and evolution.
When you have many aspects of yourself at different stages of repair or
disrepair you can identify a memory, an age and the origin of the belief
system or pattern that is behind the suffering and using tools such as
regression, hypnosis other counselling techniques and sound therapy you can
repair and bring new information and understanding to these aspects. As you
do this this allows those parts to connect and rejoin to the healthy and
balanced aspects of yourself. As you continue on this journey the more you
use this practice the greater the energetic mass of health, wellbeing and
balance is assimilated. The result is a stronger self, a natural resilience,
increased compassion and empathy for yourself and your environment, the
focus is moving more and more away from your own suffering because you
are tending to it and creating harmony and in turn you are more able to assist
and be present for those around you.
Please note that it is imperative in my experience of this type of work that
as much as possible the repair needs to be done by all three of your centersthose
being the moving centre, the emotional centre and the intellectual
centre. * Gurdjieff
During one of the hypnosis and regression sessions i did i went into the
session feeling bullied and completely overwhelmed. I had many parts
operating. I did not want any conflict anymore and i certainly did not want to
be picked on either .Also in my thoughts i was concerned about the welfare of
the other person whom i was having this experience with. I had a clear
understanding of their suffering which i would have been happy to speak
openly and perhaps do some of this kind of work so we both may be free of
the conflict and associated discomfort. I needed to search to find what was it
in myself that was contributing to the overwhelm and intensity of the situation.
Without the added intensity i as an adult under any normal circumstance
would be able to navigate through the resolution without much extreme of
emotions or distress. So here i found a child aspect of myself that was running
through this conflict with me and it was the part that was the most greatly
This child aspect we can call 3yr old Storme. During the regression i
recalled a memory of when it appeared the rug had been pulled symbolically
from under my feet. At that memory recollection my mum was in a distressed
state herself and she was unable to connect to me and provide reassurance
or a sense of security to me. At age 3years as children we are all attached to
our primary caregivers emotional centre and there is no distinction between
our own and the primary caregivers. As my mum was experiencing high levels
of uncertainty and anxiety so did i. My perception was that i couldn’t find
certainty from my mum at that time so i then went off by myself, trying to
suppress the feeling but also feeling very alone. The belief which formed was
that this ‘distress’ can come from nowhere and you will be blindsided. The
thing you want the most which is to cling to your caregiver is not available in
complete or only partially. From there on the learnt behavior is to suppress the
feeling of uncertainty and move forward on your own, separating from your
This particular regression i used a technique to aid in bringing
understanding to the child aspect so they could learn a different behavior as
they would then have the data to choose differently. So the technique used
was for the 3yr old Storme to visualise looking into her mums heart and to see
what information was available there. I discovered so much pain, anguish and
sadness inside there. I was taken to memories of my mums where she was
bullied at school. I was then shown memories of my grandmothers suffering in
relation to conflict and back to her mother. Upon seeing this lineage of
suffering my understanding was so clear i became full of compassion,
empathy and acceptance. I continued in receiving bodytalk applications from
my colleague and we worked to create repair and to release this pattern of
suffering that had been passed on as a part of the generational blueprint to
myself and my daughter. The thoughts surrounding these events for myself
and the generation of women were “why is this happening to me” “i just want
to participate and be a part of this group without conflict” “i need order and
clarity so i can understand what is expected” “this has come from out of
nowhere i have been blindsided” “i am excluded” and so on.
It is important to note that my experience and memory there as a 3year old
child was also the memory and experience of my mum. We are so interwoven
that we simply inherit ad carry with us pretty much everything and given
certain choices and stimulus from our environment we can either stimulate
and repeat the steps that have gone before us or make new choices in a
different direction.
So inadvertently and unconsciously i had attracted in as a result of these
patterns and associated beliefs a similar experience for myself. Parts of me
were circulating the same thoughts and feelings whilst the mindful part of me
was observing them. In a nutshell i have it affirmed everyday in my
experiences that i am always co creating with my environment and i will
always have some pattern, issue or belief system that needs to be addressed
and investigated. As i change myself from within so does my environment
reflect these changes. This is how we can create a more harmonious world
from the inside out.


Article:002 Self Development for World Peace Storme Reeves
Published 03.12.17
How do we know when and what to look for to evolve ourselves, find
deeper understanding, resolution and inner harmony?”
During my meditation i identified a part of myself that from a young age
would try to find in another person a sense of security and stability. If i felt
anxious or uncertain about anything i would look to my environment to find
the sense of groundedness in another person to connect into that.
If the person that was with me did not have that energy available my
response would be to draw away and separate myself from my
environment. I noticed this pattern in play the other day, only now i am an
adult but i still had this pattern running. I now have a daughter and in my
attempt to protect myself and find a sense of security i withdrew from my
environment but with my daughter to create an Us and Them scenario.
How many times do we see this occurring in our everyday interactions and
how interesting is it to be able to penetrate deeply into ourselves to identify
these patterns, how they operate and what is the root cause and
development of this pattern.
We could investigate in a holistic approach what could be a contributor
to the development of this pattern in ourselves looking deeply into
psychological and behavioral development predominantly from 0-10years
old to find where we may have learned negative behaviors or
misunderstanding that have grown to be habitual patterns within our living
experience. We could investigate past life experiences if this is your cup of
tea or examine any traumas or abuse in this life and also take into account
the influence and very real presence of our inherited beliefs, disease,
illness and patterning from our family generations. The wonderful thing is
going on this path of discovery leads to a greater sense of peace,
understanding, compassion, self love and a greater capacity to help
ourselves and those we are in contact with. This would mainly be our
family, friends and community and this is very important. These
understandings are a piece in the jigsaw of creating world peace and
harmony. I strongly urge and hope to inspire you to begin to look deeply
into everyday occurrences which trigger you and bring up feelings of
uncomfortableness in you.
This is your flag point and indicator of which you need to stop and pay
attention to the learning and lesson hidden within.
As i looked deeply into my experience i wanted to know more and like a
child i kept asking myself…..but why?……but why? And to my great delight i
received some answers. Why did i firstly look to another for security? Well,
looking back into my childhood i recognised that after my dad left at 2years
i now had one less parent to look to for stability and security. Although i
was well cared for with a roof over my head and food on the table the
dynamics between myself and my mum were not consistent in my
experience. My mum suffers from some mental illness from time to time
and the fluctuation of what this entails contributed to a feeling of insecurity
in me. My mum would do her best to connect with me but at times she
would be unable to provide a connection of stability and security for me.
Looking further back into my family tree the energy of dependence and
patterning of a woman depending on a man and also the energy of
insecurity was able to be seen in my parents and further back down the
lines. Scientists have now proven that beliefs and patterns and trauma can
be passed on and inherited from your predecessors.
So i can see with everyone’s best intentions and capabilities without
investigating this information and working with it one would feel frustrated
like you were fighting an unknown force.
I have recalled and looked further into three past life experiences where i
have lived a life of trauma and pain and i have worked to resolve these
grievances of these parts of myself to integrate all of these aspects
harmoniously.(these stories are another tale to tell another day!)
So back to the experience. I looked closer and saw myself standing there
feeling rejected and abandoned by the other person. The self i saw was a
young child aspect of myself who was holding dearly onto her suffering, her
story and needs. Being an only child until the age of 12years i had little
context as to how you would have your needs met and suffering addressed
without almost demanding they be heard and dealt with now. If i had grown
up with siblings i would have had the opportunity to see how possibly
everyone could be heard and seen by their mum and dad without it being a
self importance struggle.
I asked for some guidance as to how do i heal the part that is insecure.
Firstly it was clear that i needed to understand and know that stability and
security is already a part of myself and it is there for me to realise this.
Secondly i was presented with a wonderful image during the meditation
which showed a great enlightened teacher Thich Nhat Hahn in front of a
class. All the people in the class were all parts of myself all hanging on to
their hurts and struggles and desperately wanting to be the one he chose to
talk to first. This vision continued until it included friends and family in the
class as well. As each person got to connect to him and talk about their
hurts i became lighter in the struggle i was feeling. It then became clear
that these struggles, insecurities and hurts are not only my own and in
trying to remain self important with them (in the hope that i will be helped
and relieved) was a learned behavior from my experience as an only child
and it was not the way to resolve it. I discovered that as each person was
helped and enlightened so was a part of myself showing me that we are not
separate and that my pain is your pain, your hurt is my hurt.
In seeing this great epiphany i knew then that really the saying ‘treat
others as you would like to be treated’ is very very important and alludes to
the greater truth that we are all one connected living organism and in
showing compassion, care and support for another by removing our self
importance from our own struggles we help the other person and in doing
so help ourselves. There is no separation.
I am continually discovering these understandings within myself and
when working with my clients. IF you feel inspired to. Look deeply today
and if you need some assistance lets make a time to chat and begin
Peace and Blessings Storme


Article:003 The addictive Nature of our Behaviors Storme Reeves
Published 01.01.18
How we maintain and nurture our cycles of suffering.
Over the last couple of years along with the help of a colleague. I have been making
observations of myself and the ongoing cyclical patterns in my state of being which i
appear to move through. These patterns on the surface display as myself being open
and confident to connect to my environment and then wanting to seperate away and
have space by myself from interactions with my environment.
Specifically i have narrowed down the focus to two strong aspects of myself which
falter and go into a grey area when it comes to interrelating with a man more specifically
one that there has been or is an intimate relationship with. It is more perhaps that the
first character which i will call the ‘hiding storme’ is a character in a story of my life which
has been created and developed with its own brain chemistry, psychological profile,
beliefs and behaviors which is in conflict with the other character which is more aligned
to my highest potential of a true expression of God or spirit in the Self which we can call
‘connecting storme’.
Hiding storme exists to uphold a story of storme in which she has suffered trauma and
particular life experiences where she now needs to relate to a man or imagines a
relationship with a man of whom can protect her and who can provide a place she can
hide and inhabit a state of dependency. This character feels she can’t do it on her own,
she has lots of self doubt, and depends on being able to hide away when it looks unsafe
and uncertain and then come out again when it is perceivably better. On the surface this
may not look like such a bad thing but the point is that it exists within a cycle from which
there can be no growth, development or evolution of the self if any of these parts are
allowed to continue on perpetuating the cycle of suffering. The salvation is to become
mindful and recognise them in action so they can be tended to consciously and

The connecting storme is very present and is learning and practicing the art of being
in service to others and putting herself….and her story of suffering second. It is a
practice of mindful awareness as to who is interacting now? What ‘I’ am I speaking from
now at this moment what ‘I’ am i writing this from at this moment. Who is the observer?
Who is the performer of the speech or the action?
If we practice extending our awareness of ourself and our environment we can
become more knowledgeable about exactly why these parts of us or aspects exist,
what they look like and what their behaviours are at any given time.
The hiding Storme can enter into communication with her environment seeking
comfort and or attention. The underlying issue is fear and insecurity. This character is
acting from the context of her story which includes childhood sexual abuse and various
other themes and experiences. To grasp what i am saying we can simplify it to explain it
in a clearer example. The difference is will i be the story of my life or will i be Storme
who has had lots of varying experiences in her life?? These are two very different
If a person is completely in their ‘story’ there will be a lot of energy put into supporting
why they are how they are now. This happened to me so this is why this is now. Where
is the room for change, healing and growth in this scenario?
In actual reality if we look at our life experiences that have been perceivably ‘negative’
and look at them as data to learn from and develop compassion for others who have
experienced this suffering and so on then we can move out of the story and be in the
present moment. Well….not so easy a task especially if consider we may have a
smorgasbord of characters or points of who the ‘I’ is that can arise at any time to fulfill
their current need or role play of repeated cycles of suffering.
My answer to this is to cooperate and collaborate with your environment and always
journey inside yourself to find understanding of what is making you tick. Practicing
mindfulness has and is such a wonderful tool that i use daily and all throughout the day.
Now let us return to the focus of the article which is to explain my observations of the
addictive nature of some of these developed behaviors.I was very grateful to be able to
speak openly with my colleague and to also be in a state where i was being very mindful
and aware of what my behaviors were the other day. We had been investigating these
cycles and the characters and i observed myself in the early part of the day moving into
a different state of ‘I am.’ When i say this i mean that there was a character change, or
different persona or aspect of myself that came into centre view and was the dominant
leading part of Storme.
This character is a step on from the hiding storme. We will call her ‘desperate storme.’
Hiding Storme had been active previously and there was an experience where she was
unable to connect to who she wanted to, to keep the story running, find comfort and be
the centre of attention for that particular person. The story was being upheld and fed

lots of energy as hiding storme felt devastated, lost, abandoned and very uncertain.
Enter stage left comes ‘desperate storme!! As i watched this change i was very
intrigued. You must understand that these can be subtle changes and whilst this was
happening i was undergoing my usual daily activities just with a very watchful
eye-excuse the pun !!
Desperate Stormes physical body was experiencing a large amount of sexual energy
throughout her body. She had distant thoughts of connecting to a very close friend of
hers of whom she has been in an intimate relationship with and there was a direct and
very intent energy to want to create an opportunity to see him so they could have sexual
relations together. The friend came over and this energy within storme in the desperate
storme character continued as they chatted and discussed what might be happening in
these processes. During this communication there was a very big AHA moment where i
felt as if i suddenly came out of this ‘desperate storme;s’ character to view her very
clearly and to see that what….. I….storme wanted, was not what this other part of me
the ‘desperate storme’ wanted, which was to receive direct attention, be at the centre
and find comfort through sex. This character also inhabits a very strong sense of ‘I
WANT’ if i want it then i must have it. The addictive nature displaying itself as a
desperate need and intent to find a ‘fix’ or hit’.
The feeling i had which was so strong in this moment as i saw this brought me to
tears. I could see so clearly that this desperate storme character had been put together
and developed as stage two of the strategy throughout my life to uphold my story but to
also if all else failed find and get my ‘Fix’ of attention, comfort and importance. I
recognised the addictive nature of this desperate character because it had so much
energy attached it, it was manipulative, directly focused on getting what it wanted so
much so that it was blinded to its environment, fixated and desperate. The second
marker to this addictive nature is my instant remorse and remembering back over my
life as to the impact and distress this part of myself had contributed to and caused to
those around me and to myself. Although i know i did not intentionally take actions to
hurt another person in my life it doesn’t mean i haven’t done exactly that. The reason i
couldn’t see it at the time is because i was so engrossed in me, my characters, my
suffering and my story, with the whole focus being on self serving myself. If we are
honest with ourselves we could at any given moment check in and ask ourselves ‘am i
doing or saying this….to fulfill my needs, wants and desires? Is it multi layered with
multiple motivators? Or is this moment where we are happy to be second to provide for
another unconditionally? How does the action i have taken support my perceived story
of my life? How does the words i have been speaking and the content of what have
been saying support the story of my life?
I referenced back in my memory to my late teenage years after going through an
intense stage of anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, to a time where i had an

AHA moment out of the haze of intoxicants to see the path of debri i had left behind me.
This debri was the impact of distress and hurt it had caused to my family, friends and
anyone i had interacted with whilst dwelling in my own pool of suffering and self centred
delusions.. This may sound harsh but it is true and of course it is not to say i had many
good experiences as well, but this is the topic of focus for this article…:)
Now seeing the addictive nature of this aspect of myself in such a clear way the
following days i have been very mindful and observant of these characters wanting to
take centre stage. Sometimes they have but i have managed to bring back into centre
‘connecting storme’. I suspect i will need to keep this practice going until they simply
peter out and run out of puff. Perhaps it will take me 30 days to change this habit, which
is what it is also.
Until next time….please keep growing, keep asking questions and keep diving
deeper. The secret to living a happy, peaceful and joyous life is being courageous to
identify and confront what lies underneath with an open heart to make a change and do
your part to make a brighter future for our children, ourselves and the entire planet.
Much love

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