About Storme

I have always known that I would be singing as a part of my life’s passion and direction. During Primary School I thoroughly enjoyed singing in the school choir and singing solo parts.

I was fortunate to study music from there on having wonderful experiences singing in more choirs, trios, duets and solo. My friends and I used to sit on the school oval and sing Bob Marley songs with an acoustic guitar. During class time we got to sing traditional choir music and when I studied at the WA Academy of Performing Arts I studied Operatic Singing, specialising in one of my favourite musical eras, the Baroque Era.

During my university days I became immobilised and depressed about a number of things, which I have only been able to work through and come to peace with over the last 5 years. Music has been my saviour, listening to my favourite artists and favourite songs, as well as song writing which has
been very therapeutic and has been a great way to release emotional energy and bring things to light for me.

Since high school I have always composed more classical type music, but from my university days I began to write more popular style songs with my trusty Maton Guitar which I still own.

After uni I travelled with a friend over to Europe and wrote most of the songs for my demo album, and a couple which went onto ‘Images of Reality’. I had a wonderful time travelling and also some very challenging times, character building….i think that’s what it is called! I literally sang for me and my friends supper in Italy. I had studied Italian at Uni, and really love to sing in Italian. We had problems with the credit card we were using and had no money for food. So I set up near the Spanish Steps and sang some of my recital pieces, in Italian. I was very flattered to have an Italian Policemen come up to me and speak very quick Italian to me, I gathered to say I needed a license to busk. I thought WOW my Italian must be so good he thought I was Italian, otherwise he may have spoken some broken English instead?!! However I pretended not to understand and we got enough money for some pizza and a bottle of vino and had a great evening!

From there on I began the journey of trying to fit into a preconceived idea of myself as a ‘Music Superstar’ and all that would go with that. So I spent a good deal of time playing out the generic title of The “poor, struggling musician’. Now looking back I have learned that in trying to fit into a mould of what I thought I needed to be to ‘make it’ I lost sight of my authentic origins, passions and how it all began for me in the first place.

Through a lot of introspect, allowing and digging in deep to the who and what is Storme on this planet. I found myself again. My greatest joy is being in service to the world by singing and writing songs which come from my highest self and from my heart. I am no longer trying to be anyone or anything but just being who I am!, and you know, it feels really good The best thing about this is that it allows for my singing and music to be even more potent and give even more joy to my fans, family and friends.


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world,” Harriet Tubman

Storme headshot

Lets talk about passion.

Of course I am very passionate about music and harmony. I gain great joy and inspiration when I sing. I love performing in front of people as I feel in great service providing joy and inspiration to my audience. I love, love, love singing harmonies with other singers, Manhattan Transfer and other accappella groups being a big inspiration to me.

I absolutely love animals, nature and the whole of mother earth. It brings me great pleasure everyday to go for bushwalks taking in the peaceful energies of the trees, birdlife and any other amazing creatures I may come across.

I have always had a pet dog and my life would not be complete without a ‘furry baby!’ I connect strongly with them and I really enjoy taking my current baby ‘Monte’ for walks everyday, training him and watching him have a ball running along the track. Every morning our beautiful Monte comes in and hops on the bed for a morning cuddle. Monte is a Gt Dane cross….so he takes up a good part of the bed!

I love wide open spaces and the red dirt in the desert as you head further up toward the Northern territory in Western Australia. Beautiful flowers and growing my organic veges is fantastic, one day I hope for our family and the world to be growing their own veges and fruit building more sustainable communities.

I gain great pleasure learning new things about energy, quantum physics and the cosmos. I believe this is our future to fully understanding our energetic bodies and our relation to the rest of the vibrational universe. Light and Sound fascinate me and have huge potential for healing and creating great harmony.

Spending time with my beautiful family and my most inspirational daughter is paramount, we love to create together doing drawings, paintings, collages or running around the house dancing to some music.

Passion and inspiration, to be ‘in spirit’ is who we are, each and every one of us is unique and have great potential to offer to this beautiful planet.

Choir Director. Sound Therapist. Counsellor. Singing Instructor. Music Tuition

In the last few years I have been fulfilling all of the above titles and i am really enjoying myself. Directing three choirs as well as coordinating and teaching a basic music and sound education program at our local Primary School. I completed two Sound Healing training courses and a Diploma of Counselling  which I  thoroughly enjoyed. The rest of my time is filled up with music teaching, Sound Therapy clients and life in general. As they say….onwards and upwards!!

I now run regular Adults and Children’s Sound Healing Workshops at various locations in Perth, WA . For updated sessions and events please visit my Perth Sound Therapy FB page.   https://www.facebook.com/PerthSoundTherapy/