I currently work as a Choir Instructor to two choirs. If you have always wanted to sing in a choir you would be most welcome to join one of the choirs.

The choirs I currently direct are:

The Hills Choir      The Hills Choir

If you would like to come and see if this choir is for you, you can use the contact form on the webpage provided as above or message me directly.

The People Who Care Choir The PWC Choir

If you would like to come and see if this choir is for you, you may contact the PWC at the above link or message me.

I previously used to run and coordinate the Chidlow Primary School Choir as below.

The Chidlow Primary Choir

If your child attends the Chidlow Primary School and would like to join the choir please message me with your expression of interest. I currently run a Music Education Program for the children at Chidlow Primary and I am always open to running a program at your local community centre or school if there is enough interest.

Chidlow Primary Music & Sound Education Program 2017

We recently ran a Sound Healing Workshop for the Chidlow Music and Sound Education Program at Chidlow Primary and it was a great success. We were very happy to have Julian Silburn come up and run the workshop, the kids learned about sound and music and how it can heal your body, mind and spirit.

Julian Silburn runs childrens workshops in Fremantle

Julian runs Sound Healing workshops every weekend in Fremantle.

J.Silburn. Sound Alchemy Website