Sound Healing

I love that sound and music can be so theraputic, enjoyable, uplifting and healing or simply allow for a unity of thought and expansion in the experience of listening to and connecting to the music. Music can appeal to so many of us for various reasons and this is directly connected to the fact that we are a sound vibration, as is our emotions, our thoughts, absolutely everything. Music is a composite of sound vibrations.

444htz/432htz Tuning/Solfeggio Tuning

I have had my albums altered into the tuning of 432htz . What does this mean i hear your ask. Well as i understand it a long time ago sound and music used to be performed in this tuning. The story goes that the Church “recognised the vibrational healing states and higher awareness in the masses” who sang in that tuning and then altered it to the standard, western 12-tone Equal Temperament tuning of 440htz. (reference:

I use a Korg Chromatic guitar tuner and set it to 432htz and tune my guitar as normal, i do the same thing with my keyboard and now only perform in this tuning.

The whole point of playing and listening to music in this tuning also referred to as the Ancient Solfeggio Tuning is that the music resonates or vibrates in accordance with our very own cellular stuctures. On my journey of research i have discovered that biochemists are using the frequency 528Hz to repair human DNA. A website i have found very helpful on this subject is

I would encourage musicians all over the world to explore playing your music in this tuning. It is so easy to do and so much more powerful, healing and in alignment of the greater good of this planet, your fans and listeners.


Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration. There are so many wonderful photos and videos on the internet showing the shapes made from different vibrations in water and other materials.


The photos by Robert are truly inspirational. He demonstrates with his wonderful photography how sound vibration can make so many beautiful shapes.  An average human being is comprised of approx 70% water, and not discounting all the other creatures and the planets water bodies. If you imagine the most harmonious impact it will have on the whole planet when all our music is in the 444htz tuning. Now this doesnt mean we have to discount or throw away our old favorite tracks. Until someone designs a simple music file ‘htz’ converter, basic music software can also do this task and new music can be recorded fresh in this tuning.

Intuitive Reiki and Sound Healing

As well as performing my songs I also practice as a Sound Therapist, Counselor and Life Coach and offer these services at my clinic as well as runningn group Sound Healing Sessions. You may contact me on the contact page for any enquiries and bookings.

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