Counselling Services

Welcome. I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor & Life Coach. I am confident I can assist you with any issues, self exploration or lifes challenges or other.

Counselling areas of Experience and Knowledge

  • individual, couples, group and family counselling
  • trauma counselling including childhood trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence
  • addictions counselling
  • life and spiritual coaching
  • suicide intervention
  • behavioral issues
  • mindfulness coaching
  • grief counselling
  • socialisation and integration counselling
  • emotional intelligence
  • *Heart Math Heart Brain Coherence Techniques
  • -working with autistic children using Sound Therapy instruments and counsel


Support and Counsel for Life’s Challenges

Life Coaching and Counselling , Sound Therapist, Mindfulness coaching,

Group/couples/families and community mindfulness coaching

Childrens and Adults mindfulness and meditation workshops