Releasing many physical and emotional stressors

After attending a few of Storme’s group sound healing sessions, I decided to make a booking for a private coaching and therapy session. I felt very relaxed with Storme’s coaching style and found it very helpful. The sound healing was wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic, releasing many physical and emotional stressors. Storme gave me some simple advice and tools to take home with me and they have been very helpful in managing my stress, increase my positivity, helping me find greater peace and connection with All That Is. I feel very grateful to have the private healing session with Storme and looking forward to more into the future.

Bienne Argent

Achilles tendinopathy in the left foot and Crohns disease.

I was suffering from Achilles tendinopathy for about one year. I was having regular physio weekly,  steroid injections and more physio and it all came to nothing. My pain was level 3 to 5 when walking.

My daughter took me to one of Stormes sound sessions, which was nice to my soul but still pain. I had a private session with sound and reiki  and other things. Four days later the pain was gone, and it still is.

I don’t know how but I can walk pain with 0 pain. I am very grateful  to Storme whatever she does it is working. Thank you Love Heidi

Heidi Koryn

Discomfort in the lower back, Vertebrae is growing into the spinal chord, hip replacement left and right and vertebrae degeneration.

The other day I had a one-on-one sound healing with Storme.  I’ve been to group sound meditations before, but had never been to, or done anything like this, and had no idea what to expect. 

The first thing which impressed me was Storme’s professionalism, sitting me down for an extended interview to find out details of my physical problems and trying to establish links with my family history for the same or similar problems, as she explained that even physical problems can be passed on through DNA. 

After that she had me move on to the (massage) table and started the actual sound healing with the use of crystal sound bowls, her voice, drum and sound forks, which she used as a kind of “sound acupuncture” on my feet and hands. She also did some Reiki and colour therapy.  

Altogether it was an amazing experience, which triggered lots of involuntary reactions in my body and effected me deeply on a physical and emotional level.  There has been a definite shift in my body and mental state since, although I couldn’t exactly pinpoint where or how. 

Storme did mention that my body might need time to process everything, and indeed, even the next day I could still feel things shifting and my whole outlook seemed brighter.  

Storme spend about 2 hours on me, including the in-depth interview, and I couldn’t recommend a better two hours spend highly enough to anyone, regardless if one  physical and/or problems. It is a unique, and for me personally very moving, experience, which I certainly plan to repeat.  Thank you SO much, Storme.

Tiddo de Haas

I have very bad back, through doing age care for many years with ongoing back pain daily, hip and shoulder pain plus asthma.

Deep relaxation during the session.I have on many occasions had acupuncture, and it had not done nothing. I like to say thank you so much. What you did yesterday you are amazing, I did what you ask me to do, and wow no pain in my back this morning.

Just a few words to let you know that my musical in the left of my back has let go no more pain from it , and my airways are so much better, thanks to you, my hip is still a little sore but not bothering me at the moment. I am so amazed with what you do, you are a great sound healer,  And I thank you so much .

Shirley Holly

Atrial Fibulation. Circulation Issues in the extremities and two stents. Family history of strokes and heart attacks

During the sound acupuncture I started to be able to feel more in my feet and I could feel the vibration go all the way up my legs.I felt relaxed like I was floating. I saw a golden light plus some memories of sitting on my dads shoulders. I felt an emotional warmth.

 After the session I experienced more feeling in my feet than I have experienced for more than 6 years.

Arthur Robinson

I attended few sessions with Storme and she was fabulous!!!

Storme is very professional, nice , and made me felt trust and she helps me unlocking that bad emotion , it was suffering me over 30 years. I found my physical sickness affected by emotional, once she reset it for me …. wooo It is very amazing treatments! some of disappeared. 
Thank you for helping me, it is truly appreciated!!!

Ruby Young

Deepest forms of therapeutic treatment I have ever encountered

The session was a profound Journey across and through every emotion, deep introspection, thought and sensations unlike any other I have experienced. This is one of the deepest forms of therapeutic treatment I have ever encountered.

Fran Berry

“This healer has an incredible way to tap into your issues/pains and helps enable release through her modalities.”

Album Review

I have written and rewritten recommendation for the best meditation/healing album I have EVER listened to but cannot do it justice with my words.
I have used this album for the last two weeks on most days. The first listen I bawled my eyes out (heart chakra opening, im guessing??).
It has helped me to get better nights sleeps and I feel it has helped with healing physical pains. I feel “lighter” and more content in my being. I cannot praise this album and the people involved in its production enough. Much love to you Storme

Michelle Topazz

Incredible way to tap into your issues

This healer has an incredible way to tap into your issues/pains and helps enable release through her modalities.


A truly new and transformative experience

Storme has a wonderful gift. Very high skills in Sound healing work and advanced intuitive insight combine to create a truly new and transformative experience.

A session with Storme will reward you on many levels.

Neil Dougan

Amazing healer

Storme is an amazing healer who has combined her gifts and talents of sound healing, counselling, regression and energy work to give a unique and powerful service. She holds such beautiful space and her sessions are intuitive, deep and healing. I’ve loved my sessions with Storme and have gained so much from them.


My children loved the session and so did my husband and me

I won a family Sound healing session with Storme and the 4 of us ie me, my husband and the 2 kids (10 and 8 yrs) went for a Sound Healing session last Monday and all i can say is it was just amazing! We were running a bit late as we were travelling from SOR but Storme was patient, kind and just wonderful . Storme’s sound healing combined with the fact that we were in her beautiful backyard in the country made us all feel relaxed, calm and new. The added bonus was her dog and us being dog lovers felt immediately at home . Storme is not just a talented Sound healer but a beautiful soul who shares her gift with authenticity and love. I would highly recommend anyone with little children to have a session with Storme Sings as a family. My children loved the session and so did my husband and me. Most importantly she was able to identify some key factors that needed clearing and also lovingly showed us some Tai Chi moves at the end of the session that we could practise in the future Image removed by sender.🙂 Am definitely going back again


Amazing Results!!

I was not sure what to expect when I first attended one of Storme’s Sound Therapy sessions…shortly after it began I was amazed how positively it affected me (on all levels). 
I have been for three sessions so far (two with my children) and every time I see and feel the benefit.

Thank you Storme.

Jacqueline Lemmey

A very intuitive healer

I visited Storme last week for my first ever sound healing and I loved every second of it. I am very impressed with Storme’s treatment and fully intend on being a return client. She is a very intuitive healer. Thanks Storme. Xx

Sue McHugh

Storme is incredibly professional, warm and welcoming

I attended a session with Storme just the other day and she was fabulous!!!
Storme is incredibly professional, warm, welcoming and made me feel incredibly relaxed. 
I cannot recommend Storme highly enough!!!

10 plus stars…. Thank you for helping me, it is truly appreciated!!!

Natasha Amato

Beautiful children’s sound meditation

Thank you Storme for the beautiful children’s sound meditation. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a beautiful relaxing space to be in and have found my daughter using the relaxation tools that you gave in the workshop 😊

Robyn Milne

Storme has a wonderful gift

Storme has a wonderful gift. Very high skills in Sound healing work and advanced intuitive insight combine to create a truly new and transformative experience. 
A session with Storme will reward you on many levels.