Music Unites the World

“Our very universe, our planet and our bodies are vibrating symphonies of music.
Our unique songs in harmony create this enriching tapestry of life in spirit embodied.”

World of MusicWorld of Healing

Welcome to the world of Storme

where the enchanting language of music weaves connections that transcend boundaries. We are celebrating the melodies that resonate within us all, the rhythms that beat in our hearts, and the harmonies that unite our souls.

Music is not just for the ears; it’s for the heart and the healing of the human body & spirit. Join Storme on a journey where music becomes a soothing balm, a source of joy, and a path to understanding. Explore the magic of music that speaks to the core of our being, and experience the profound beauty of a world in perfect harmony.

Let your heart find its song.

What is new…

SOL-ACE New Song Released

SOL-ACE New Song Released

Dear beautiful people-Im so happy to finally release my bands new song Feel it Coming. This is a song about all of the changes that are going on in the world and inside of ourselves. This is our move from slavery to sovereignty. Please share the song far and wide...

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Heartfelt Delusions

Heartfelt Delusions

Heartfelt Delusions this is my next awesome Music Release set to be available by March/April 2024. You may wonder.....hmmm Heartfelt Delusions.....whats that about? LOL I am a sound therapist, counselor and life coach as well and my journey of self development has...

QSB Quantum Scalar Box
Free Scalar Wave Therapy

Free Scalar Wave Therapy

The Quantum Scalar Box, lovingly known as The QSB is a Tesla-inspired Vibrational Healing and De-Stress Device which is unique to Life Energy Designs. There is nothing else like it available today. After nine years of development it first became...

Storme New Album

Harmony & Heart Coherence

by Storme | Harmony & Heart Coherence Mediations


Developing Spiritually in the Ego & Spiritual Pride

Are you focusing your spiritual development in your Ego?
And How would you Know?