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Mindfulness Living Talk
Mojos Cafe Mundaring
27th March 730pm
by Storme

Join Storme from Perth Sound Therapy and Life Coaching as she provides a talk on the topic of Mindful Living . This will be held at Cafe Mojo 16 Craig St, Mundaring WA . Wed 27th March at 730pm-830pm.

Storme will be exploring and sharing practical ways to integrate positive change into you and your families lives on a daily basis. The three main points that will be covered are

1.Waking up -What does it mean to become mindful and awake to your daily experiences and interactions internally and externally?
2.Being the observer not becoming lost in re activeness. How do we apply mindfulness and what are some practical examples of how to do this.
3.Practicing self kindness moving away from self judgement and self criticism. How do we employ kindness in our everyday experiences, how can we integrate kindness into our inner self instead of incessant self chatter and judgements about our feelings and thoughts.

Question and Answer section at the end of the talk.

Please bring a notepad and pen to take notes if you wish to.

Storme has just completed her new Meditations Album called ‘Harmony and Heart Coherence Meditations’ which will be available at the event. To listen to samples of the album you can visit

Any enquiries please feel welcome to contact Storme on M:0402322184 of or contact Cafe Mojo directly for queries related to the venue.