Passing on your genetic make up to your children will have its pros and cons. Science has now proven that just as physical diseases can be hereditary so can negative thought patterns, belief systems, mental illness and trauma.

It is not uncommon for a whole generation to continue in unhelpful patterns and circumstances that impact negatively on your daily life experience.

Provide the best opportunity for a life of joy and happiness for your child by giving them opportunities to talk to a counsellor and receive therapy for their inner struggles and inherited patterns and tendencies.

Connecting to the wider community in this way and providing an independent trusted person to provide this support to your child can be so beneficial. Sometimes children feel for various reasons they cannot be as open as they would like to be with members of the immediate family. This is common and to be expected and by no means a reflection of any abnormality. Each member of the family has their own day day to issues they are working through and due to the close relationship to each other it is difficult to remain unbiased or not become triggered.

Counselling is a beneficial idea for a parent, family member or child who has experienced themselves or is related to and in close proximity day to day with another family member who has experienced any of the following:

-mental illness, depression, anxiety

-domestic abuse

-sexual abuse

-a death in the family or friend of the family

-physical separation from either parents.

-parents have separated

-a child is placed in foster care

-feelings of low self worth and having no value

-no confidence in how to manage feelings and thoughts

-has a lot to manage and constantly feels overwhelmed

-any unexplained repetitive emotion, thought or sense

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